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Success Through Knowledge

EJF - Advice, Education & Mentoring for Your Business


We work with Businesses on how to make the most of their services and profitability by motivating, mentoring and assisting their Owners/Senior Managers in developing new business sales, maximising profitability from current sales and managing their life/work balance. Supervisors look at the business operationally, Managers tactically and Owners (Leaders) strategically.

Owners (Leaders) need Technical Ability, Emotional Intelligence and Strategic Intelligence. They need to know how to build an excellent team, how to plan for succession and be open to critical change.

We have a ‘hands ready’ approach, rather than a ‘hands on’ approach in order to ensure the longevity of any business or life strategy that is implemented. Meaning that the strategies have to be accepted and undertaken because the drivers ‘want to’ and not because they ‘have to’.

We are able to establish key management, sales and service team strengths (if we focus on the strengths, the ‘limitations’ will disappear) to allow everybody in the team to grow and succeed. Round pegs in round holes. (Success is a journey and not a destination).

“If you think that training is expensive, try ignorance”.

Peter F. Drucker

Developing Sales Skills and a Profitability Focus

Does the following sound familiar?

Sales targets not met, and always for a good reason.

Whose targets are they, yours or the Sales team’s? How closely are they monitored? Order book or sales invoice?

Remove the worries about ‘cold calling’, take away the words and take away the fear. (Use KPV’ing instead)

If every Prospect were to say ‘yes’, how many calls would the sales team / you then make? We can help with that.

Use ’hamburgers’ to create time to think. (That’s a good question…...) Make appointments using ‘alternatives’ and ‘haircut’.

Have an ‘Emotional’ connectivity to Customers (Clients). “They don’t care what you know, until they know that you care.”

Listen, listen, listen for the ‘gold’ bricks. (buying signals). Do not prejudge. You have 2 ears and 1 mouth, use them in that ratio. Create UBP’s; Unique Buying Points, not USP’s.

Eventually, it is all about the APR Sales strategy;

Activity - can be applied easily by anyone with a good work ethic.

Potential – can be managed by developing the correct skills

Results – are created by the application of the hard work, perseverance and the applied skills

Sales (Business) success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. Perseverance, perseverance, perseverance.

FAB; Feature Advantage, Benefit. Do you use the phrase “…which means that…..” to ensure you are talking ‘benefits’ to buyers and not just ‘features’? How do you ‘sell’ without the buyers perceiving that you are actually ‘selling’ to them?

Managing Your Business and Your Life

Have you developed an AAA strategy? For business owners this is a must; to avoid depression, stress and poor results?

Are you using ‘and’ instead of ‘but’ to be seen as positive and to enjoy your relationships in your life; staff, family & friends?

Can you manage any ‘negativity’ in your management meetings regarding new ideas, services or strategies?

Success Through Knowledge

The service charges are whatever you believe we are worth; no upfront fee, no contract. You decide, after all it is your business.

Talk to Ted - Call me for a free initial discussion or meeting on: 07484 138682 or email

The difference between Good Business Advice and Excellent Business Advice, is the attention to the detail.

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